Dance Summer Intensive

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Leap of Joie's Dance Summer Intensives are a great opportunity for dancers to hone their skills and broaden their dance experiences while learning from other dancers. We are open to dancers of all skill, age, and experience levels. Each day, we will take time to focus on the students' skills while developing their natural talent. They will get an opportunity to learn ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop, tap, and choreography each week. It will be an awesome experience. We'd love to have you join us! 

We're looking for High School Volunteers to teach dance. Interested? Sign up below.


JUNE 3rd




JUNE 28th




1. How long will the students be dancing? 

Each day, we will dance for the entire time, 9-12PM with a 20 minute break for lunch

2. Will there be snacks?

We ask that each student brings their own lunch, snacks, and drinks (preferably water) each day. We will not be responsible for providing a snack every day. Please provide a list of allergies or any other needed information in your child's lunchbox. We would love to stay responsible and aware to keep each student safe.

3. What should they wear?

Attire is black leotards, pink convertible tights, and pink ballet shoes (ballet), tap shoes (tap), jazz shoes (jazz), sneakers (hip hop). Dance skirts are allowed. Pants or shorts and t-shirts are allowed for hip hop. 

4. How should they wear their hair?

Everyday, it should be in a bun preferably. They are allowed to let it out to a ponytail or loose hair style for modern, jazz, tap, or hip hop. 

5. What time should I pick up my child?

Please arrive by 11:45AM everyday to sign out your child and view 

6. What is the sign out process?

Please come to the classroom, sign out their name, and wait patiently on the side of the classroom as class closes out. 

7. How do I pay for the dance summer intensive?

We accept all forms of payment. Cash, Cashapp ($VyctoriJoie), Venmo (, Paypal (, Wellsfargo Zelle (


8. How much is the dance summer intensive?

It is a  $35 registration fee and you pay $65/weekly. You can receive 5% if you register for Leap of Joié's 2019-2020 dance season. You receive an additional 5% off per each registered referral. 

9. How long is the summer intensive? 

Four weeks. June 3-June 28. 9am-12pm everday. 

10. Are there any refunds?

There are no refunds.


11. When is all money due?

Registration is due before or by June 3rd. All weekly fees are due on the Monday of each week (June 3, 10, 17, 28). 

12. What time should they arrive?

Arrive at least 15 minutes early everyday. They should use that time to stretch and warm up.

13. What kind of dance styles are there?

We will focus on ballet technique along with jazz, modern, tap, and hip hop. The room for growth will be endless.

14. Who do I contact?

You contact Vyctori Bess, the studio owner, at 478-220-9124 or 

15. Do they have to attend all the classes?

They do not have to attend all the classes, but it is preferred. The goal is to sharpen their skills and develop their natural talent. It is important for parents to encourage your children to pursue their talent diligently. Their attitude is as equally important as dance classes. 

16. Where should I drop-off my child?

Please bring your child inside of the South Cobb Rec Center to the classroom, sign-in their name. Please ensure Vyctori Bess is in the room before you drop them off. The children's safety is important. 

17. Do I have to sign-in or sign-out my child?

Yes, you must fill out a pick-up authorization form. Whoever you choose to pick up your child must be listed on this form. Your child will not be able to leave the building with anyone not listed on the pick-up authorization form. 

18. Does my child have to dance at Leap of Joié to do the dance summer intensive?

No, they do not have to dance at LOJ to dance at the summer intensive. However, we guarantee LOJ is a great dance studio for various types of dancers. We encourage each dancer to join us for the 2019-2020 dance season.

19. How do I register for the dance summer intensive?

Click the "Register" button above.

20. How do I register for the 2019-2020 dance season?

Visit the "Register" tab on Register between June 1st-June 30th to receive 50% off registration for the fall. 


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