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Leap of Joié Dance Studio is offering VIRTUAL ONLY dance classes. Register at the link below. 

Class Experience

Students will learn introductory level ballet fundamentals, moves, and terminology while engaging in the discipline of classical ballet, jazz, tap, and more. 


WHAT TO EXPECT: Students will begin class with a warmup at barre (or a chair/wall), followed by a short round of light stretching, and an introduction to the dance positions/moves in center floor. Finally, learners will engage in a patiently demonstrated sample routine infusing varied dance moves learned.


HOW TO PREPARE: Students are asked to dress casually and appropriately, find an open space, and be prepared for an unforgettable class! A leotard, tights, and the appropriate dance shoes could provide a more authentic dance class experience.

CLASS EXPECTATIONS/MUTING: Learners should do their best and participate. Learners will be muted following introductions (discussion likely opened again during exit in which you may choose to leave prior) due to background noise that cannot be prevented and it’s interferences with music/instruction.

Please fill out completely for one student. Families with multiple children must fill out a form completely for each student individually, but will only pay $35 for each additional child.

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